Busting the Myth around Guerrilla Marketing

Highlights of the Book:

  1. Learn what Viral Marketing is from Sakthivel Pannerselvam.
  2. Guerrilla Marketing Case Studies executed in Namma Tamilnadu
  3. Learn how u can implement using these ideas
  4. Busting the Myths around Guerrilla Marketing
  5. Secrets of how campaigns became viral without spending money
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Who is this Book for ?

Personal Brands



Content Creators

Aspiring Influencers

Coaches/ Trainers

Anyone who wants to Grow Business


Compilation Of 101 Tried And Tested Strategies Of Guerrilla Marketing

  • Understand the challenges faced by various brands to reach new customers and making themselves seen.
  • Discover simple yet mind-blowing solutions executed by those brands.
  • Ability to understand the magnitude of reach that guerrilla marketing would have.
  • Widened perspectives to create practical and creative marketing strategies to attract more customers.

The examples shown in this book is not limited to targeting specific groups of people but to the whole diverse population. Therefore it can be used as an application-based blueprint for both budding businesses as well as established institutions that wants to take a giant leap in the marketing arena.

Meet Your Mentor


Guerrilla Marketer | Author | Chief Surprise Ninja

  • Sakthivel Pannerselvam, the Chief Surprise Ninja of the6.in, A Surprise Planning company!
  • He executed Guerrilla Marketing campaigns for his brands which became viral. Later, he ran Viral campaigns for brands like REDBUS, Thalapakati, Naturals, Viveks, Sri Krishna Nagai Maligai & so on…
  • He has also trained 5000+ Entrepreneurs on Zero Rupee Marketing.
  • He has done 2 World records as well.

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